This entry is going to be about my favourite video game ever. One of the few topics I can write about given my current situation. For those that cannot figure out what it is from the title, it is a mix of Metal Gear and Zelda. I say ‘mix’ when I’m actually just torn between the two. I have no idea which I preferred. Thus I am hoping that writing nonsense about both will help me determine once and for all which is my favourite. For the record, as I write this, I have no idea which that will be. You may as well ask me if I prefer Sufjan Stevens or Death Cab for Cutie.
I couldn’t even decide which soundtrack to play as I write this, I have 4 MGS soundtracks and 2 Zelda ones. Because I couldn’t decide I have ended up listening to Bon Iver. (As I then couldn’t decide who to play between Death Cab and Sufjan……still following?)

Gosh, I don’t even know which game to begin with. Let me flip a coin.

Tails. That’s Zelda.

Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. Jeez, just saying the title fills my body with childhood naïvety and joy. I use the word epic too much, but this game is the definition of epic. Like the Lord of the Rings films, or Sufjans “Impossible Soul”.
The game follows you, Link, a young, brave child with pointy ears. You soon realise that the not-so-beautiful princess Zelda has been taken by the evil ugly bad guy, Gannandorf. Forgive me if I’ve left something very important out or misspelt, it’s been about 3 years since I last completed it.
That said, it is one of only two games that I have completed all the way though (the other being the Metal Gear series of course).
The game is conveniently split into two parts. The first when you play as young link and you go about completing 3 different areas. The 1st being inside a bigass tree that talks.
Here, you receive one of the coolest gadgets in the game. A slingshot that fires tiny fairy bullets. You use this at the end of the tree mission to kill a big spider. It’s all rather exciting and, dare I say it, quite scary the first time. Those big spiders that used to drop from the ceilings are petrifying, I don’t care what you say.
Once you save the tree from the ancient curse (stay with me people) you get this cool emerald and the knowledge that you are destined for greater things, other than just puttering around your completely homosexual elf camp. Thus, it is with heartache that you cross the bridge into Hyrule field and leave you best friend Saria behind. Not before she gives you a going away present………
I know what you’re thinking, and no she does not give you her cherry, you actually get something way cooler. An ocarina! (wow!)
Now for the cool part, as you cross Hyrule field forth first time without a single clue what you’re after or who Zelda even is, zombies start popping up out of the ground as soon as nightfall arrives. I genuinely think the first time this happens on a new game, you can hear link start singing Avril Lavignes ‘What the Hell!?’
You eventually reach Zelda, she teaches you a song, you see Gannondorf and she sends you off to a mountain to get an ancient Ruby. Apparently, Link needs 3 ancient stones to open some temple to get this cool sword so he can travel through time and kill Gannondorfs mother before she gives birth. Well, not exactly, but when you’re 7 and playing this for the first time, it gets outrageously exciting.
After collecting said Ruby, it’s off to the final stone which is in the belly of a whale. What now!?
We’ve conquered the land, the fire and now we have to do water!?
Maybe Zelda is the reason I love the environment! Interesting……this game just went up way more in it’s quest to be my favourite game of all time.
I think the beginning of this game is so good because it constantly introduces new elements once your 7 hours in. Most games have this ‘teaching phase’ but it only lasts for the first 20 minutes. Zelda constantly throws new puzzles at you, new items to deal with your enemies and more characters to interact with.
Considering this game is 15 or so years old, it’s amazing to think about how developed the characters are. Not in terms of graphics or sound quality, but the relationships that you develop with each one. The most obvious being Saria, yet this quality stems right down to people like the Deku Tree and the Fisherman at the lake. Before this game, there wasn’t really a stand out open world RPG on offer. The size of the game and all it had to offer was something very new at the time. Just like Metal Gear was the first proper stealth game that existed.
I can vividly remember the first time I saw Link progress 7 years as he takes the sword out of the temple of light. My brother was the one playing and I don’t think I’ve been as excited to find out what happens next in a video game. That moment alone is probably my most memorable gaming moment.
Yet the game continues to get better. As soon as you begin the second part of the game, as adult link, many things that were impossible before, become possible. The Hyrule shield can finally be used properly! Epona can be mounted! (she’s a horse by the way). I was a good 10-15 hours in by this stage (I play slowly) and the game was still introducing new things to me which I, along with everyone else, loved.
Just talking about it is making me wanting to play it desperately. I sit in this cabin in Pennsylvania wishing that the 3ds version of the game came out before I left for camp….maybe has it and I can get it delivered to camp?! Yes. It’s THAT good. I’m being serious.
In fact I’m going to check right now.

Balls. 17th June. Not yet. But bloody hell it’s tempting. Definitely getting that when I get home. Because you know what else I can play on 3ds? Snake Eater. The only game from the Metal Gear series that I haven’t completed more than once. It’s like fate or something!?

The graphics aren’t great, but hey, what game had decent graphics in the mid 90’s?! They were pretty damn decent for their time. I like to compare it to Deadly Premonition. Let me clarify.
I don’t mean in terms of gameplay, as Zelda is obviously phenomenal and DP isn’t too great, but in terms of storyline. DP had no right to be a good game. Yet it’s storyline alone made it into one of the most ‘must have’ games for the serious nerds among us (including myself).
I actually just managed to watch part of a playthrough of the 3DS version on YouTube since our Internet has been fixed! It’s made me more excited, again, about being able to play it when I get home. It’s almost quite difficult to say much more about the game because it is just an epic adventure. It’s less about the technical aspects or the sound design or anything like that. It’s the fact that it’s one of the greatest storylines in the history of gaming. The only way for me to portray that to you guys is to urge you to play it. Even if you already did 15 years ago, play it again, because I wouldn’t be surprised if it got voted in the current top 10 games.

I guess that means I can move onto Metal Gear. Although this will be slightly more difficult because there are a lot of MG games, with the same storyline spanning across all of them. The most important being MGS3, which follows the story of Snakes Father, Naked Snake. MGS, which follows Snake, MGS2 which follows Snake 6 years later along with Raiden, and finally MGS4, which draws the insane series of events to a fitting close. There are other games that mesh in the middle but these are the 4 main games that you need to play. The two i’m going to talk about in the next post are Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.




You get the idea…



2 responses to this post.

  1. I like your mix of sports and video games on this blog. I would have to go with Zelda as my favorite. Graphics has never been a huge selling point for me and the storyline along with spectacular gameplay from every game puts it on another level from other games. No other set of games – in my opinion – will ever stand up to the Zelda franchise.


    • thanks a lot for reading it man! I must agree with you on the graphics front. I mean, im playing skyward sword at the moment that is no better than any wii game (graphics wise) has ever been…..and it’s still so much better than any single player playstation game i’ve played lately. I was very, very close to getting a 3ds just so i could play the 3d version of Ocarina of Time. Have you got a playstation 3? add me if you do man! ‘edpenn’ is my psn


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