The wonders of Justin Vernon.

There is something very special about Justin Vernons music. I sit here, at 12.30am in my bunk in pitch black, listening to my sleep playlist. Tossing and turning, worrying about what it will be like when the kids show up among a million other things.
For you see, today I went to Philadelphia and suddenly remembered why I love America so much. Just walking around the city with Americans was awesome, it was probably the most fun I’ve had since I arrived. The thought of returning to camp was one I was constantly putting off, doing my best to procrastinate at any given opportunity.
From the famous Philly cheesesteaks to love park to the liberty bell to a street similar to Haight street in San Francisco. It was basically an awesome day and left me desperate not to return to camp.
Thus, back to my original point, Volcano Choirs “Dote” came on my sleep shuffle playlist and this feeling of calm rushed over me. It was one of those wonderful moments that made every ‘problem’ seem small and insignificant. If you’re still struggling to comprehend this feeling, then maybe think about how that feeling has made me impulsively blog in the middle of the night when I am completely cream crackered after a 5 round trip to Philly.
I miss all you guys and hope the world is treating you well.

Shout out to Daniel Chow for keeping in touch.





You get the idea…

Location:Pennsylvania. Camp Lindenmere. Bunk B3.


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