Written from the Park.

Hey guys and dolls. For those few of you that care, I’m sorry I haven’t done this for a while. For the even less of you that care, I’m sorry I haven’t written about Metal Gear yet, it’s looking supremely unlikely that I will get time over the next few weeks. The lovely people of Camp America were not lying when they said this was a 24 hour day job.
Today is one of my days off and I have found myself in Donway park, somehow surrounded by children from another camp. Not ideal. Still, it is hard to put into words how nice it is to get out of the bubble that is Camp Lindenmere, even if it is only for 6 of my 60 days here.
I’ve been putting most of my pictures on Facebook, but this is way more exciting than Facebook, so I thought i’d upload a few of my favourites here.
I miss all you guys! (but slightly less now that camp has gotten better 🙂

Something I spent 2 hours doing whilst it was raining and skateboarding was impossible. (I heart Sufjan)

A steak I had. It was nice.

Our hotel room from last night, Steph is excited to be out of the bunk. As we all are.

Myself and Magic (Kieron) decide what to order for breakfast. He goes with pancakes.

I go with blueberry pancakes and bacon!

This is just for my brother, we have the same sunglasses now.

The bromance continues.


From Philadelphia- Penn’s landing.

I have taken lots of pictures.

Steph and Rory, one of the co counsellors in my bunk.

Casually eating watermelon in the car park of wall mart at 11.30pm. Because you’ve just got to take advantage of those nights off.

Juan Ed Magic. Times Square.

Love Park, Philadelphia

“Fort Penn” (at the top of the sign)

New York.

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You get the idea…


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