My penultimate day off.

Every time I my day off comes and goes, I always end up feeling the same way- Thinking that I just had the best day of my life, yet also the worst evening because I have to head back to camp.
6 days of camp make you appreciate a day off more than anything in the world. That said, your day off makes you hate camp anymore because you realise what you’re missing and what you could be doing with your time.
I have one more day off and 17 more days of camp. It is flying by, yet that doesn’t mean I don’t want it to! Roll on my 3 week travels after this mess finishes.

Last night and today I was lucky enough to stay at a friends house, a friend who lives in the countryside, owns horses and quad bikes and who still has a Nintendo 64 set up.
The first hilarious part of the journey was fitting 7 people in a two door car.
Yes, we did it. And I write this now from during the car ride home. Calling it Human Tetris: Car Version would be misguiding. As we don’t even remotely fit in the car. Right now I have two feet between my legs and two legs across my lap. Cosy? Hah! Not even a little.
We arrived at our good friend Elizabeths house and spent most of the night playing Mario Kart.
In the morning I had some farm fresh eggs on toast before more N64 and a ride around the farm on the quads.
I managed to speak to my sister on the phone and wish her a happy birthday along with speaking to my best friend who is currently in Iowa teaching basketball at another camp. The thought of meeting up with him in New York after camp finishes is one of the few things keeping me going.

During the day I was unlucky enough to see the awful Harry Potter series come to an end, before i was lucky enough to go shopping and eat yet another Philly Cheesesteak at Red Robin. The only thing left is for you to see some pictures, because frankly, it’s too hot and uncomfortable in this car for me to keep typing. I love all of you and miss you all a fair bit. Only two weeks left!




You get the idea…


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