The end’s not near, it’s hear.

Well, that’s it! Im on the bus on the way back from west orange after dropping off loads of kids. When I get back to camp in an hour, there won’t be any kids there and the summer will be over.

Not really, because I have 3 weeks of travelling the eastcoast to enjoy!
It still hasn’t kicked in, but I’m sure I’ll miss it. I mean, it’s always easier to focus on the negative things rather than the positive.

Tomorrow morning I’m driving down to Washington DC to start what will be a wonderful few weeks. I’ve gone through 11 camera films now as well, there are going to be far too many pictures for me to show you guys when I get home.
On the 30th august.

Juan left today to go back to Spain, I cried a little. He is just a Spanish beauty.

I look forward to seeing you and hoped you enjoyed my rambles over the last 9 weeks.




You get the idea…

Location:Interstate 80.


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