Washington adventures.

Well, the first part of my travels is over! I’m on my way back from DC. It was an awesome few days. I managed to get a free hotel for two nights and stay with some American friends for two nights, the 3 people I volunteered with in Brazil! Needless to say it was incredible that I got to see them again and hang out with them for a few days.
I obviously walked around the monuments, hit a few museums, including the national geographic of course and went on plenty of walks across the river and through Georgetown.
Lots of fresh fruit and yoghurt was consumed most mornings, followed by Mexican food and Philly cheese steaks.
I also managed to find Bon iver’s new cd and just finished listening to it all the way through in the car.
There was also an American apparel…
Finally, I got on board one of the tour buses. Don’t get me wrong, I hate being a tourist, but it was pretty fun.
This was all capped by a night run through the area where my americanbrazilian friends live. Just lovely.
Its been a pretty perfect start to my travelling. Now I’m heading back up to my friend from camps house where I’ll spend the night and pack a bag ready to head into New York tomorrow. (yes, this is the friend that has Mario Kart…)
Tomorrow I’m getting reunited with my best friend for the first time in 3 months.
Watch out Zuby, I’m coming!
Hope all of you guys are keeping safe with the riots!

My Brazilian friends! 🙂



Georgetown boardwalk- I ended up getting interviewed by a german tv channel about Jurgen Klinsmen coming to the states, no joke.



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You get the idea…

Location:Interstate 95 South.


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