Be Happy.

Today, I had a very memorable dinner.
Today I met back up with an old friend for the first time in a few months.
Today I got to 10 on the happy scale.

After a forgettable morning, I went out to Chinatown and was treated to a wonderful beef noodle dish from Robert Wu.
Not only that, but I was reminded how everyone should just do what they want.
I’m desperately trying not to sound like a douche, but hey, masses! Don’t care what people think of you! If you want to go and pick up a pint of milk in your slippers, go and do it! You’re sure to make people laugh. As long as it’s not illegal and you don’t seem like a dick, do whatever the hell you want, when you want.
Secondly, and more importantly, things are only ever as bad as you want them to be. Focus on the positives! If you think that something is going to be crap, then it will be.
I hope this has been helpful and not made you hate me more.
Wait, no.
I do what I want!
I wanted to write this annoyingly feminine blog post! 🙂




You get the idea…

Location:Sohotel. New York City.


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