New York Adventures

Each time I travel away from home, I love to think about what will have happened in my life the next time I return.
The last time I went to New York was about a year ago. Just before I started work properly, before I took my exams again, before skiing, before Brazil, before my capture card 😉 and before camp america. I just love going back to the same spots and thinking about what has happened since I last stood there.
This whole cycle of nonsense was spinning in my head last night when I was atop the Rockefella in New York, looking out on Manhattan at nighttime. It was pretty great getting to see New York all lit up.
Anyway, the purpose of this post was to inform those of you that care about me enough to keep checking my blog (thank you).

I met up with Zuby and we didn’t have much time to do anything other than head straight out for dinner in chinatown. We managed to get a waiter that was unable to comprehend out native tongue- “English”. It was all quite amusing as the two of us caught up with all the camp stories we could remember over noodles and a plate of duck.
The next morning we had our first lie in for 3 months and awoke to find the Manchester United game on the tv at Getting to see Rooney score and United win from my bed was just lovely. After we moseyed down to a diner, again run by Chinese people (I bet you’re loving this Dad). Of course I ordered pancakes. It decided to rain all day but we didn’t let that spoil our high spirits as we continued to walk along 5th avenue with our $5 umbrellas. I actually got mine for $4. Haggling is in my blood.
Now we all know how exhausting shopping can be, so we headed back to Soho in an attempt to find Lombardi’s pizza restaurant, the first pizza restaurant in the whole of America. 1905 it opened and it still uses the same coal ovens to cook the pizza. Needless to say, the food was scrumptious.
On our final morning, we returned to the same diner. This time, I got involved with some chocolate chip pancakes. We then walked down to Brooklyn Bridge just so I could get my token picture of the Brooklyn Banks, one of the most famous skateparks in the world.
A quick walk west and we found ourselves in J and R record store where I found a Death Cab EP I didn’t know existed and a Live Avett brothers album. A few vinyls later and we were walking up broadway, stopping in American Apparel, Levis and Uniqlo. This magnificent day was all topped of by a trip to the top of the Rock where we got to see New York at night, in all it’s glory.
For dinner, we returned to where it all began. The Chinese. A night spent reminiscing about 6th form days was the perfect end to a great trip. 2 hours of sleep later and Zuby was up at 4am ready to head to Newark. 4 hours later and I was on the metro at 7am (are you proud I didn’t take a taxi Dad?!)
Now I’m almost in New Hampshire and my travels couldn’t be going better.
If you want to see the pictures, they are all in my Facebook album ‘camp lindenmere’ at the end.
I miss all you guys and hope the rioting has died down.
Penn. Out.




You get the idea…

Location:Bus to Concord from Boston.


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