Generic moan about leaving. 3.0

Well that’s it.
I’m on the plane returning to the best country in the world….
Megalolz, I mean England. Are you getting the sarcasm?!
It was 12 weeks ago that I was writing my blog about Death Cabs new album from 37,000 feet. Now I write about how upsetting it is to have to return home after such a fun summer. More so, it’s the fact that this is the end of my gap year, and I’ll only say this once.
If you can, take a year off, a year out, a year where you go off and do whatever you want! It was the best thing I have ever done. You can bet I’ll be doing this all over again after university. Going back to brazil. Getting a job as a barman again. It’s funny how you can never appreciate what you have until it’s gone.
So what has happened over the last 12 weeks?
We lost Amy Winehouse and Ryan Dunn. Dallas somehow won the NBA finals by beating the Manchester City of basketball- Miami. Bon Iver finally bought out a new album that was worth waiting for. The avett brothers returned to England to show Mumford how it’s done. Manchester United swiftly kicked Arsenals record book in the groin as they demolished them 8-2 (can you tell I’m a Manc?) The east coast of America was threatened by an evil old lady by the name of Irene. London was lit ablaze by young hoodlums.
At least- that’s all the news that managed to penetrate the bubble that surrounded Camp Lindenmere. It was scary how much it was like High School, just it’s own world that you could not escape. This of course made much more exciting and interesting, like a great episode of the OC, but equally as depressing considering there was no way out. I think I know how Truman felt.
It’s hard to write a blog and not make it all about yourself. Yet, if you are reading this, I guess it means you care about me a little, right? So…….
I’m very excited to see all of my friends that I’ve missed over the last 12 weeks.
I’m slightly more excited to process my 17 camera films, there are about 800 pictures I’m going to get to look at for the first time and decorate my room with.
I’m excited to drive our families new ford ECOnetic fiesta. 70 miles to the gallon!? Really Dad!? Love it!
I’m very excited to get my YouTube channel back up and running. You all know how nerdy I am when it comes to video games, and you can be assured that being away from my playstation for so long has merely heightened my love for gaming. #Manz.
A particular shout out is going to have to go to Daniel Chow, my biggest fan. The guy that keeps me thinking maybe one day I’ll get a reply from Chris Smoove, meet Hutch, or even get a ticket to e3.
Over the next few weeks?
-siren blood curse
-park football
-old Trafford
-St Albans
-Kieron and Steph
-mini ramp skating
-vinyl player
-movies at 2am
-coming back to New York with my dad.

That’s about it for now.
If you’ve got this far through the blog, then it probably means you are one of the people I’ll be seeing over the next two weeks. So give me a text and let’s get some coffee 🙂

I’m home.




You get the idea…

Location:Atlantic Ocean. 37,000 feet.


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