Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. More of a roller-coaster than you may think.

About 4 years ago i wandered into my friends house after coming home from school to something completely alien to me. He was sitting down playing a computer game, online. It later turned out to be Call of Duty 4 and i can still remember the first time i got killed in the online world on that wet tanker.

From this first encounter with the Call of Duty world, i was hooked. Prior to this, the depth of the video games i played extended no further than Mario Kart. The only two exceptions being Metal Gear Solid and Zelda. Still, i had not really been subjected into video games such as this.

A few months later, my birthday arrived and i was treated to a ps3. Call of Duty 4 was one of the first games i bought and it is a game that i still play today. The purpose of this blog is to try and convey the emotions that the single player put me through. The Call of Duty games are known worldwide for their online proficiency. Whilst i wholeheartedly agree with this, the single player campaign is something that has made me question my top single player games of all time.

I have already blogged about Zelda and I am in fact currently playing through Skyward Sword, the latest instalment on the Wii, and having just as much fun as i did with the Ocarina all those years ago. Metal gear again is another single player experience that rivals Zelda for the greatest video game however. Until 2 hours ago, i didn’t think anything would rival what these games made me feel, or how happy they made me to think back to the time when i played them. 2 hours ago, i finished the campaign of Modern warfare 3 and so concluded the storyline that began 4 years ago during Call of Duty 4.

I genuinely had no idea what i was in store for all those years ago when ‘Gaz’ was joking about my fruit killing skills as i learned the basic controls for Cod 4. That moment when you enter the training area and are greeted by Captain Price’s harsh face is one that will live long in the memory.

Because the Call of Duty games are ‘on rail’ shooters’, many fans do not bother with them and instead focus fully on the online gameplay. Even my brother after attempting to play the Modern Warfare 3 single player ended up moaning about how boring it was and how little fun he had compared to the online play. This view is one shared with many of the Cod faithful. Yet, those that are willing to invest emotionally in a game that has such wonderful characters will be rewarded. I ask you, what makes a single player experience so memorable? The characters.

Captain Price. Soap. Makarov. Yuri. Ghost. Griggs. Jackson. Zakhaev. Roach. Shephard.

Obviously Price and Soap are the two that tug hardest on your heart strings but they are certainly backed up by people that can indeed make you very happy, angry and motivated.

The view that this storyline is one of my favourite ever is something that did not hit me until i watched Makarov’s corpse hang from the ceiling as smoke filled the screen. It’s hard to put the realisation into words. The fact that an on rails shooting game known notoriously for its online play can be one the best single player experiences in the world sounds silly. And depressingly so, millions of fans will lose out on the full experience because they either started playing Cod after the first game, or, like my brother, find it too boring to invest any time into.

I have never pressed the square button so furiously in my life as when I had to yank the knife out of my stomach during the climax of Modern Warfare Two. Furthermore, I have never enjoyed myself so much as when i got to ring the rope around Makarov’s neck and push him through the ceiling to his death. I am aware i sound insane and slightly messed in the head, but that’s exactly what good single player games do. They get you so emotionally invested in the characters and the plot that you feel you are living the story.

This is shown no better than the fact that Soap was the entire reason behind why i got a mohawk. It’s why I have Zelda sweaters and tshirts that i wear with pride. And why I have a Metal Gear Solid bluetooth headset. You become so emotionally involved that when you end up killing the villain or saving the world, you are filled with pride and you want everyone to be aware of what you’ve achieved.

I guess that’s why i’m blogging. I saw Soap through hell and back all to get shoot in the stomach and bleed out in front of me. I helped Captain Price save the world from Nuclear warfare before getting beaten up by a defect agent.

I watched the villain hang, limp in front of me as i smoked my cigar and reflected on what had happened over the last 4 years.

I cried at the end of the epic Metal Gear saga, although that was 12 years worth of video games. This was only 4 and I still got goosebumps as the credits rolled having to hold back from crying again.

Hopefully the fact that I have decided to blog for the first time in months over a video game shows you just how much of an affect these stories can have on us. Laugh if you will, just know that you are missing out on something very, very special.

Soap, i truly love you. One day I’m getting my mohawk back for you.

It was a bloody pleasure lads.



2 responses to this post.

  1. respect brudda. #johnmarston


  2. Posted by Vivi on February 12, 2012 at 1:43 am

    Get your FF9 on for a similar experience bro


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