FIFA 13 on PS Vita : : Don’t waste your money

     With no changes from FIFA Football (2012), EA should be immensely disappointed with themselves. Make no mistake, it is a great game, maybe the most impressive on the Vita at the moment. I would however advice you to save £25 and pick up last years copy of FIFA.

      Seeing as there is only one difference between FIFA Football and FIFA 13 we may a well address that first. There are new kits. There are new players. There is……nothing else. If you are desperate to have a Manchester United frontline of Rooney and Van Persie then just make this adjustment manually on the old game. There is not a single new animation, no new celebrations, no new game modes, no new menu layou….oh wait! The menu select icon now has sharp corners compared to round ovals found in FIFA Football. To be honest, I was shocked when there was no mention of this on the back of the game casing,

               “Select the same game options with total control. Thanks to the new ‘sharp cornered’ outline around your cursor, you can really control the menus.”

       Imagine my bemusement when I didn’t even find any reviews that spoke of this incredible new feature. FIFA Football often left me in tears when I couldn’t tell if I had pressed X on ‘Career Mode’ or ‘Quick Match’. I couldn’t sleep at night. Now that you can be 100% sure of what you are choosing, it’s made me feel quite happy that I forked out £45 for the game…

It really is quite worrying how an international game company like EA can feel ok with releasing an exact replica of an old game and still expect consumers to pay premium prices. If you think I’m being unfair, please comment below and tell me why this game is worth £45.

Now, this does not mean I don’t enjoy the game. I played the old FIFA Football religiously, raving to anyone that would listen about how identical the game was to FIFA 11 on console. HD graphics, dual analogue sticks, replica animations and frame rates to that on console. Portable gaming had finally pulled off the impossible, they had effectively ported a console game to a portable device. My frustration merely forms out of a hatred for EA’s laziness.

FIFA 13 is a fantastic video game for the PS Vita when you look at it alone. It really does feel like a console game that you can carry in your pocket. The virtual pro career mode gives you plenty of playtime, not to mention the online head to head modes. The problem is how all of these positives can also be said of the old game, FIFA Football. So if you don’t have either game, just pick up the old FIFA Football, manually change the team rosters and save yourself £20. Or, if you already have FIFA Football, just start a new virtual pro career in a different position.

Trust me, FIFA 13 is not the worth the money and EA does not deserve the money.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jumpingpolarbear on October 12, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    I love FIFA 13 on PSE 3 but they are all pretty similiar. Hard to improve much in just a year though!


    • Posted by edpenn13 on October 12, 2012 at 5:52 pm

      That’s the thing, it was so brilliant last year, I just don’t know why they couldn’t add some new animations at the very least. If Uncharted has taught us anything- you can always improve!


  2. Posted by Mohamed on October 18, 2012 at 6:58 am

    I just bought a Vita and I’m a big fan of the Fifa game, I’ve been buying the annual games since 06 (for Ps3), so i was thinking of getting Fifa 13 for my Vita but after this review I’m actually having second thoughts. I don’t know what i should do anymore.
    Any idea how PES is on the Vita? I’m guessing its as bad as the console one.


    • It sounds like you haven’t ever played a FIFA game on the Vita? Then you need to get one. Don’t let my review deter you from thinking that it is a great game, they both are.
      Unfortunately there actually isn’t any customisation on FIFA football (2012) so if playing with new teams is important to you as it is to me, just buy FIFA 13. The bottom line is that they are both brilliant portable football games, (honestly its just like playing FIFA 11 on console!)
      MY frustration merely came from the fact that the two games are completely identical and EA did nothing to step this series up further.
      There is also no current PES game out on the Vita, you can download the old PSP version from the store and play them, but if we’re being honest, why would you 🙂

      If you haven’t played FIFA Football (2010) on the Vita, then just get FIFA 13. It’s a stunning football game. If you don’t need to play with updated squads, buy FIFA Football (2012) because I can;t stress enough how identical the two games are. You can save £20 and be closer to buying FIFA 13 on console too!

      Hope this helped and thanks for reading!


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