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Buy one, give one”, on emergency power kits for Sandy victimsVoltaic Emergency Power Kit, Emergency Power, Emergency Solar Power, Solar Power Phone charger, Hurricane Sandy Relief,

The New York based solar company, Voltaic, is offering a buy-one give-one scheme on their emergency solar power kits. If you aren’t sure how you can help with the relief attempts, this would be a pretty good place to start.  Similar to TOMS and Face watches, for every kit you buy, another will be donated to a person in need.
Each Kit includes a 3.4 watt solar panel, an 11-watt hour battery, an extension cord to connect the panel and the battery, a USB light and a set of phone adapters – enough to provide light and a charge for a mobile phone.
By purchasing something that will (honestly) be personally beneficial, you’ll also be helping those in need. Just do it quickly before Voltaic becomes as mainstream as TOMS and it’s not cool anymore….
Get yours here.

Barack Obama has power. Green movement has hope.

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It’s no secret to anyone whom followed the election that Mitt Romney was not a huge supporter of the environment. He was eager to burn more coal, drill deeper for oil and exhaust what is left of this planet for economic gain. During his victory speech, Obama asked for more awareness to a country that was “threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet”.
Many studies have taken place recently indicating a rapid rise in the number of people who believe climate change is a real issue. It’s a shame that most of them needed a devastating hurricane for the penny to drop. Obama already promised to lower emissions by 17% in 2020 back in 2009. Now that the EPA have control over emissions, we can be optimistic that America will take another leap forward towards becoming sustainable. Does anyone really think Romney would have done the environment any good? Are there any readers that still voted for him even though they themselves are an environmentally aware person?

South Africa approve $5.4 billion in order to provide 1400MW by 2016

Another country has successfully taken the leap! For the first time in….well forever, I write with faith and optimism for my fellow man. South Africa has been predominantly powered by coal for a long time. For $5.4 billion to be invested in renewable energy projects is a huge milestone for the movement and the country. This plan is set to kickstart 28 projects, mostly wind and solar farms which will be up and running as soon as 2014. These are not only set to provide clean and renewable energy, but also a plethora of new jobs and economic activity. Arguably the best part? All material will be locally sourced. It’s like some sort of a crazy dream.south africa, renewable energy, solar power, solar panel, african mountain scape

After millions was wasted over the 2010 World Cup (derelict stadiums), South Africa was the last country I expected to pop up on my environmental news feed.
However, Sustainable Energy Studies points out that “South Africa is well situated and endowed with renewable energy resources such as direct solar radiation; ocean energy and wind energy,” whilst also being home to “a number of high profile and technologically advanced projects.”
Currently, 85% of the nation’s energy is produced by coal. This is a huge task for the country to take on. Although you can only admire they’re efforts to shift this unhealthy dependency on unsustainable energy.

New Biofuel is strong enough to power jets

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A new chemical process has been manufactured by researchers from UC Berkeley. With no point in boring you with the technicals, this new biofuel is 10 times stronger than what is currently being used. The secret lies within producing a much larger scale of carbon within each molecule. Now that this has been achieved, there is one problem that remains: how to replicate this on a global scale.
Still, as awareness will surely bubble and fizz around this new biofuel, there is serious hope (for the first time) that we may all soon be travelling on planes powered by plants.
Will Samuel L Jackson finally make the sequel we’ve all been dying to see, ‘Plants on a Plane’?!

I leave you with

– Obama approves 285,000 acres of solar fields.
Hand crank charge your phone.
Amazing photos of space from a $30 camera and balloon. 

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