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Video Game News! 28th June 2012 – New games, new endings.

Nuketown confirmed for Black Ops 2

An update from the popular Nuketown map in Black Ops will be included for free with pre-orders. “Nuketown 2025” is said to be ‘re-imagined for the future’. Does this mean the mannequins will be alive? Will the end-game nuke look futuristic and sparkly? There aren’t any real details except the actual conformation of the map. To be honest I don’t care about that, I’m just happy my favourite map is back for Black Ops 2. What’s that? It was your favourite too? Tell me something I don’t know.

Mass Effect 3 get’s a new ending

Released on June 26th, the new DLC “Extended cut” allows Mass Effect players to experience a different ending. I myself still plan to play through Mass Effect 3 so I still have no idea what happens at the end of the original game. All you need to know is that it drew plenty of criticism. Good news is that the additional ending is free and apparently “answers more questions and brings closure in a way that the original ending did not”. If you have played it through, did the new ending meet expectations?

Watch Dogs. The first ‘next-gen’ game?


Is it possible for this gorgeous looking game to run on the current consoles?! The amount of detail going on in this one frame is simply absurd. Yes, we saw it in action at E3 and we are all excited for it’s release on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC during 2013. However, a lot could happen in the next 8-12 months. Do you think we could be playing this on the 720 and PS4?

Kaz Hirai steps down as Chairman of the Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Board

Kaz Hirai has moved away from Playstation. Before being appointed Sony CEO in April, Kaz Hirai had helped restore the company’s games division following a disastrous end to the reign of Ken Kutaragi. He has not left Sony though! His attention has merely shifted towards televisions, music and phones.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Confirmed

Solid Snake and Hideo Kojima aren’t finished yet. Hideo has said there will be more infiltration along with narrative trees to make the storyline more involving. He explained in an interview how he “loved the social interactions in Deus Ex: Human Revolution”. Solid Snake is confirmed to be part of the storyline which has no relevance to the new Metal Gear Rising game set to be released in 2013. Regardless, this news comes as a shock to Metal Gear fans after Metal Gear Solid 4 seemed to bring the series to an end.

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