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Death Cab for Cutie, Codes and Keys remix album.

The Codes and Keys remix album gives fans an upgrade. New summer music made off old winter songs. 

   The new remix album is a grower. Chances are, if you like Death Cab, then you won’t be a huge fan of techno, dance or club-y music. When I came across this album in the store, I was immensely excited about hearing one of my favourite ever albums through a different beat. Suffice to say, I had already switched to the regular album before the 4th track. My immediate response was, “why would someone ruin such great songs!”

Upon 2nd, 3rd and 8th listen, i’ve come to the conclusion that this could be my new summer music. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly dislike techno music and all genres similar, but this album is different:

  • The beat’s are not that strong, it doesn’t feel like I could hear this in a rave or anything.
  • I do love the odd club song, are you telling me you don’t like Levels by Avicci?! Get outta town!

It’s hard to convey in words exactly what this music is. It’s like hearing your favourite songs, but with a faster tempo and a catchy beat. Think if this as an upgrade. You can listen to the original Codes and Keys album in autumn and winter, but this is a perfect blend for new summer tunes.

If you’re in need of new music for the summer and are a fan of indie or dance music I implore you to give this a listen. My two favourite tracks include this great running song and this slightly more ‘dance’ centred song (a remix of the slowest song on the original album, Un-obstructed Views).

That said, you could remain 100% indie and alternative by listening to Yeasayer’s remix of my favourite, Codes and Keys. Trust me, it’s brilliant, like the video.